To provide Human Resource Capital and Advisory Services through Technological innovations that transform and promote professional and ethical Public Service for efficient and effective service delivery to meet the needs of all stakeholders in West Pokot County.


An Excellent Public Service Board

Core Values            

The board will be guided by the following core values in the discharge of its mandate:

  1. Integrity;

Adherence to impeccable and beyond reproach professional standards and values

  • Equity;

In job distribution, affirmative action and fairness to all residents of West Pokot County

  • Social Responsibility;

Endeavor to be socially responsible to the public and pursue goals through socially acceptable practices that preserve the environment; promote socio-economic development and support vulnerable/marginalized groups

  • Inclusiveness;

Consistently directs the effort to be fair, impartial, and considerate to all residents of West Pokot County irrespective of their religion, gender, ethnicity, race, age, special needs, or any other consideration.

  • Transparency and Accountability;

Upholds openness and takes responsibility for actions in the discharge of the mandate

  • Professionalism;

Undertakes duties without compromising standards and values

  • Creativity and Innovation;

Embracing technology and emerging models of service delivery, continuously applies new ideas, methods, and technology in the discharge of its mandate